8th - 23rd February, 2023

Founded in 2022, BENNFT is Blockchain driven Digital First Art & Creative enterprise. BENNFT is a platform that will craft your digital contracts and blockchain-backed certificates of title and authenticity to protect collectors from forgeries and disputes by issuing Proof of Ownership tokens. Our platform will allow artists, museums and galleries to benefit by providing a clear framework for transactions to eliminate risk and speculation. Our secure digital certificates of title are linked on the blockchain, guaranteeing an artwork’s authenticity into the future. We are leading this change with Public Art Projects & Creative Conservation to secure a better future for the environment through our projects.

BENNFT presents The Prelude to the Greatest Migration. A project by Elephant Family USA and TREC a collaboration between Adivasi craft/artisans; conservationists and environmental art.

Having already travelled from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala to the United Kingdom, the Lantana elephants have been auctioned to raise funds for conservation, with the challenge in mind to teach masses on how to co-exist with animals and reduce man-animal confrontations.

The Greatest Migration is a two-year campaign featuring 350 magnificent Asian Lantana elephants that will transform landscapes across the USA into a vision of inspirational coexistence. Launching in Spring 2024, this monumental migration will tell the story of Asia’s wild elephants and the communities living alongside them, where people and elephants coexist in the densest populations in the world.

The project is called The Prelude to The Greatest Migration. It’s an exhibition of sculptures that are handmade from lantana vines, which have taken over large swathes of the elephant’s fragmented habitat. The elephants are sculpted by indigenous artisans. The sculptures are made for a series of global exhibitions titled Coexistence, which celebrates the way people in India coexist with wild animals, this showcase is a prelude to the project for Elephant Family which is scheduled to take them to the US in 2024.

Each elephant is based on a real wild elephant that were profiled as part of the Gudalur Elephant Monitoring project by The Shola Trust and the Tamil Nadu Forest Department.

BENNFT will exhibit five (5) lantana elephants at the following locations over the month of February 2023:

  • Luxury Lifestyle Weekend, Mumbai the 3rd - 5th February 2023,
  • One Style Mile, Mehrauli, Delhi the 7th - 8th February 2023,
  • India Art Fair, NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Delhi the 9th - 12th February 2023

BENNFT will raise funds for the conservation of Asian elephants leveraging the power of blockchain through the minting of Proof of Ownership tokens for fifteen (15) lantana elephants to kickstart The Greatest Migration.